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ACP 1000
Sunrise at 5:22:18 AM Sunset at 8:30:26 PM

Michele Brougher
Email Michele(952)215-1503

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Quality Inn Downtown Green Bay
321 S Washington St
Green Bay, WI 54301

Free Parking in the rear of the hotel for the duration of rides.  

Stops on the Ride

SAG Service Available
Overnight Ride

The much beloved 622 mile adventure in Green Bay, WI returns!  This is a great hub and spoke route out of downtown Green Bay right on the Rock River.  Day 1 is an epic 270 mile loop to Wausau and Steven's Point through forests and farmlands.  Day 2 travels to the much-loved Door County and Death's Door, Day three loops down to High Cliff State park overlooking Lake Winnebago before crossing to Lake Michigan for a trip up the coast.

Frequently, the 1000k is an ignored step child. Not so at GLUC.  You will get all the attention and service that you would from a 1200k at our club.  Our philosophy is that the riding should be the difficult part.  We will streamline the process as much as we can to make sure your time with us is enjoyable.  You are our guests!

We are choosing to be optimistic that the pandemic will abate and are pricing this ride at double occupancy.  In this venue, we have the ability to segregate our group from the rest of the hotel.  We do ask that if you are traveling from outside the region that you room with someone coming with you (hopefully in a pod) for  and/or be fully vaccinated per CDC guidelines.  If not we ask that you opt for a single room out of caution.  Let's not spike the ball on the 5 yard line!  Single rooms are available and not a huge investment.

This will be offered as an ACP 1000k open to ALL riders - if RUSA shuts down, the ride will go on as a non-RUSA event only and you will be moved to that option.  A second version will also be offered that is non-RUSA and follows slightly different roads for those that are not interested in national standing.

Please note that this price does NOT include the night after the ride (Monday night).  If you need a room on Monday night, check the option and we will make arrangements.

Breakfast and dinner will be provided.  Breakfast will be pre-staged in rooms for the ride.  All rooms have microwaves and refrigerators.