Great Lakes Ultra Cycling Code of Conduct

Our club principles are Camaraderie and Perseverance. The most successful riders are those that help others.  That includes advising them in all ways from riding tips to helping them stay safe on the road.  Today, this includes adaptation to social distancing.  The definition of that can change and we always respect the choices of others to stay farther from us.

We respect and embody this principles in the following guidelines:

  1. Safety always comes first
    1. We always wear helmets
    2. We obey all laws, traffic and otherwise
    3. We maintain social distance and pandemic safety following the Current Ride Procedures
    4. We ride with appropriate safety gear including lights and reflective gear (Class 2 , EN-1170, or equivalent level) and ankle bands
  2. We respect our fellow riders
    1. We respect everyone equally regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, political views and everything else
    2. We are polite and kind to others while riding offering assistance in a safe manner
    3. We remind riders and others of the importance of social distancing. We are not offended when people remind us – it’s everyone’s business
    4. If we notice someone not feeling well or perhaps lapsing in safety we SPEAK UP! This is because we care
    5. We honestly report our achievements using what is outlined in our Current Ride Procedures
    6. We congratulate each other on all our accomplishments
  3. We challenge ourselves appropriately
    1. We are not racing – ever
    2. We ride within our abilities and don’t stress ourselves out
    3. We enjoy the time we have outside
  4. We have awards based on our guiding principles including
    1. Volunteer work
    2. Assistance to others
    3. Participating in our rides safely
    4. Helping others share in our enjoyment of cycling