Volunteering is one of the best things you can do to be a part of the club.  When you ride, you have a great adventure.  When you volunteer, you are part of everyone's adventure.

This year will continue our focus around rider safety and keeping our costs low.  Insurance has skyrocketed.  We now have our own club insurance and it opens up new possiblities and flexibility that are a real help in keeping all of us safe and riding.  But we still need volunteers to make things happen.  There are more opportunities than ever to fit our club in with your current activities.  There are MANY things you can do, no matter what your situation is.  

We have a spreadsheet for volunteering for specific jobs relating to each ride like pre-driving, volunteering at the start or to pick up cards or offering to SAG.  Many of these jobs can be done without external contact, so it's easy to be a part of the club and contribute even if you need to keep your distance.

There is also a lot of work to do on the front of taking flyers to local bike shops, spreading the word about rides on local boards and helping out with our website. 

New for 2021 we are expanding our official roles in the club.  We are looking for people to fill the following roles.

    Imperial Captain (Board member)

    • Imperial outreach
    • Reviews imperial routes
    • Validates results

    Ride Leaders (one or more rides, one or more per ride)

    • Pre-ride routes
    • Lead the ride
    • Ride results
    • Provide ride support, rest stops, etc.

    Ride volunteers (ad-hoc ride support)

    If you can volunteer, sign up on the spreadsheet or send Michele an email at rba@greatlakesrando.org.

    Route Designer (Board member) - Filled on 3/16/2021 THANK YOU

    • Club ride calendar
    • Designs, reviews and approves routes
    • Manage the RWGPS account
    • Hotels
    • Dining options

    GLR Marketing and outreach (Board member) - Filled on 3/16/2021 THANK YOU

    • Social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, strava, chainlink, bike illinois, etc.
    • Club coordination: Bike Lane, Rapha, regional RUSA clubs, etc.
    • Front page
    • Coordinating ride reports